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Cultural activities and social projects

Al alawy Mosque in Qom

Praise due to Allah lord of the wolds pray and peace to his glory prophet and his honorable family may god fasten the appearance of the Imam of time

God the exalted one said in the holy Quran that:(In houses of worship which God has allowed to be raised, and his name remembered in them his praises are sung there morning and evening) one of that houses is the mosques of God for worship and education, the Eminent seyid Adel Alawy has been in interest in this subject that’s why he continues supervising the mosque which his father has constructs

He was born in the holy city of kazemein second of Muharam 1346 H corresponding 23rd of Jun 1927 in Mahaleh nearby the two Imams of kazemein, was grown up in a house of faith and piety his father was the Dean of the family and president of Mawkibu Imamayn Aljawadyn in Kazemein.        

When he finishes his primary study he joins hawza in the shadow of Ayatollah seyid Ismail Sadr and Ayatollah Shiekh Hamid waiz (May God bless his souls) he was one of the remarkable teachers in hashimi Mosque he was the successor of Seyid sadre in the group pray.then he has exiled from Egypt to Najaf Al Ashraf and joins the group of its scholars like Ayatollah sheikh Al Mamaqani and Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Al Hakeem and others. By the order of the Ayatollah Uzma Seyid Muhseen Al Hakeem he moves to Baghdad as his represen there. And resided there in tariq town he prays in the mosque of Ubaydi first and become the leader of the people over there. By an obligatory he constructs a mosque there in the center of the city by the name of (Alawy Mosque) in order to face the Umawiya Mosque in Syria as he told it to his sons, he constructs a school of Alawy next to the Mosque many students have joint and graduated from it .he has issued many Islamic works such as Druss fee Sarh kifayat Ussul (Bab Ma'alimu deen) and (Muhadarat fee Ussuli deen) and (Mahattatu kitabu Irth) and (amalu al jihad) and (Al Efaf Ala Mazbah tabarrouj) and (Rafid) and other. Some of them has been translated in Persian language his book of tafshir (quran commentary) (Imam Sadiq peace be up on him commentary) too.

And he has a remarkable stand fast of jihad such as his stand fast in the holy shrine of Imam Kazeem (peace be upon him he was repeatedly jailed.  He had social charities and formed many scholars many of them have reached the level of Ijtihad.

He have passed away Shaban 27th in 1403H after a big funeral, he was buried in the public library in the Alawy mosque in Qom he has a shrine there.

God bless him the day he has born and the he died and the day of his resurrection and makes paradise his residence.

Part of his religion projects in Iran were: the Mosque of Alawy, Jami'u Alawy in Qum, a big Mosque is constructed in it in 1413H. he was the administrator of that mosque after his death his children. Recently his third son seyid Arif leads the group pray there by the supervision of his senior son seyid Alawy (May god extends his blesses) the Mosque in Qom has many religion activities and social one of them the group pray and public library and classes for Islamic teaching for men and women and activities of mourning and an office of matrimony and has also sports activities for the youth…