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Learning mysticism

Hello dear could I learn mysticism and the holy knowledge? I have holy discover but I do not know if it is holy one or evil one how I could distinguish it. Could you guide and give me a wird and holy name of Allah? thank you. ... View Answer

How could one be safe from jealousy?

My master Seyid I want from you a Zikr which I could use as a defense from the jealous people as I need pray from you too. ... View Answer

Healing of sickness

Hello dear I need a help to find a cure for my sickness after my despair of the Doctors, and believing in God and the household of the prophet (peace be up on them). ... View Answer

The number of the Zikr or Wird

Hello dear the number of the Zikr or Wird do they have effects? ... View Answer

Difficult need to solve

Hello dear I have a difficult need to solve and I have done all my best but nothing come out of it, please could you guide me throughout some wird or zikr to solve it? ... View Answer

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