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I am not a fun of pray

Dear seyid I have problem: I am not a fun of pray and i love women a lot beyond the normal what is the solution for that?

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate 

Who ever see beauty of the thing by his pure innate will love, embrace it and go through it, keep it company day and night, if you see the beauty of the pray and its exaltedness,its perfectness and what are behind it in secrets you will love and welcome it by the very meaning. try to unveil the veil of ignorance  and inattention from your pray, in order to see its beauty and its perfectness, if you do that you will never neglect it again

According to your loving women love your wife only, if you are a single try to marry as soon as possible.

Praise due to Allah        
Date: [2015/4/2]     Seen: [1206]

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