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What is the difference between Account and punishment?

What is the difference between Account and punishment?
In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.

The difference is clear, Account is a preface for punishment, because if a person is in to be counted for his actions, either he is a follower,and his good actions are more than his bad actions, he will get his payment and paradise from his piety. If he is not a follower and its bad actions are more than his good actions will get punishment and be a resident of hell, god has created human by choosing what he want, and guide him through two ways, this two ways are way of righteous and paradise and reward. And a way of Falsehood hell and punishment, you are free to choose which group will you be. I beg god to make me and you and all believers from east to west either dead or alive resident of paradise, and eternal reward and always blessing. AMEN  

Date: [2015/4/4]     Seen: [634]

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