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is it not believing in the willayat tacweeny(mastership or Mandate formative) pull me out of the ahlulbayt doctrine

Dear seyid I am a shia but i do not believe in mandat formative but i believe in prophets and their successors miracles do that pull me out of the ahlulbayt doctrine?


in the name of god

  The mandate formative is the miracles, their are god bestow for his great followers, they do not say anything before him,their mandates or masterships are under god mandate and mastership, they do nothing by their mandate formative without god order, this is what all believers believe in regardless their affiliation, in ahlulbayt doctrine also we believe god has bestowed this to the prophet successors too, more than that he bestows it also to some of their shia, but they have part of that mandate not complete one, in some occasion, but for the prophets and successors is full, you can see my books i have wrote about it in details.
god bless you          
Date: [2015/4/4]     Seen: [1164]

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