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I have seen a dream in a time which I was fasting recommended fast(Mustahab) in the month of shawal

Assalamu alykum our dear seyid I have seen a dream in a time which I was fasting recommended fast in the month of shawal (Mustahab) and hours before breakfast time and I see people going to pilgrimage but I decide to take breakfast on time but the breakfast was wine my son give it to me And in my inner I know I that it is wine, by Panicked I shut out the taste remind in my mouth. What is the sine which I have made until I am dreaming like this beside I have performing night pray and day fasting and considerate recommended as compulsory? Praise due to Allah

In the name of Allah the merciful the compassionate  

There is one of the families who wants visit Imam Reza (peace be upon him) and you want that too, your son is helping you to do that. Wine in dream is not a sin, maybe it is a clear clean and pure drink which god serves  for his proper servitors in paradise (and their lord will give them a purest draught to drink) god knows the reality of the things.  

Date: [2015/4/6]     Seen: [1072]

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