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Things that make personality strong

Hello dear What are the things that make personality strong?

In theName of God the Merciful the Compassionate

First: give up any form of sins also give up the forbidden and the suspicious.

Second: do the obligatory and voluntary orders

Third: read the ethic and epistemic books

Fourth: read Quran frequently the ziyarat and seek refuge to God and his apostle and the household of prophet

Fifth: be servitor of your parents and the people and your family and friends try to reach your bounty to the people and respect the older and be kind with the children

Sixth: a real service for Imam Hussein and his caravan

Seventh: good moral and conduct with your family and others.

Eighth: to be profoundly dependent on god and accept his fate on you

Thank God     

Date: [2015/11/19]     Seen: [760]

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