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Knowing our lord God

Why God bestows us love of knowing him and makes us impossible to know him?

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

God has made in us love in order to know him, and we are not incapable to know him, according to our capacity of understanding we know him by our heart as we see him by our heart, the leader of believers said: the mind is incapable to know him by his self existence, he is the surrounding and human being is surrended the surrounding knows the surrounded not the vice versa. knowing the self existence of God is impossible but we can know him by his names and his attributions and actions this is what is needed from us, this kind of knowing of our lord even if we are incapable as it is narrated in the dua Alghayba(O our lord make us knowing you) thank God


Date: [2015/12/21]     Seen: [688]

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