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The hided tools and meterials things of Imams and the infallibles

Hello dear ayatollah Adel Alawy may God bless you and elevate your level. I have a question sir what is the cause of hiding of the tools of Imams and the infallibles such as the board of Zahra which all the names of Imams have been written there and the sword of prophet and his shield and the books of heritage of the Imams….
Specially the sons of Hassan and some of the sons of Hussein that disputed them in the Imam and its merits, in order to reveal the truth and the evidence of Imama for the common people?

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

It has been narrated in the hadith that the imams have shown them to the common people as they have shown to the special people you can see that in book of Al-kafi the first volume in the explanatory of the deposits of prophet and the Imams in details. 
Date: [2016/2/6]     Seen: [671]

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