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The Ayatollah Practicing sports

Hello sir Seyid there is a video released in YouTube showing the Ayatollah Al uzma Seyid Ali Khamenei practicing sport like hiking also in the video he said that he practices volley ball also is that goes with personality of Majaeya (Reference)?

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

The (jamiu Mudarriseen) University teachers in Qom has confirm that and they know it better, his paroles are proves for his followers but his actions are not like that, those actions if they are in the middle of ordinary people you are right but if they are private there is no problem, maybe he does that in order to encourage other practicing sports, as it has been said: the health heart is in the health body, beside that judge people action in seventy possibilities.    

Date: [2016/2/13]     Seen: [690]

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