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Would you allow us to broadcast your activities and works in our channels and sites

Hello sir we are following your lectures and activities they are very useful for us Would you allow us to broadcast them in our channels and sites in order most of the people benefited from them, knowing that most us are in the northern of Iraq?


In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Hello dears we are deeply happy by your concern about our activities as the holy hadith says (who study in the sake of God and practice for God will be named in the throne of God great one). The importance of knowledge is in spreading it, thank you for this effort of spreading this science especially the science of Ahlul-bayt. I am really ashamed of giving you order to do so what I have is from God be fully at ease in broadcasting whatever you want. May God help you and us. 

Date: [2016/3/1]     Seen: [536]

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