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wahabism is Kharijites?

Hello dear Seyid is wahabism is Kharijites knowing that the they are the enemies of Ahlul-bayt (peace be up on them) and shia is there a difference between this tow groups?

In the Name of God the Merciful the compassionate 

The Wahabism is a school which their leader Mouhammad ibn wahab died on 1206 had created executing an order of their chief master the British hegemonic power in order to differentiate and take apart Muslim of the world, yes they are the kharijites of our century both parts sunni and shia the honorable scholar sheikh Mouhammad Amin ibn Umar known by the name of Ibn Abideen he is sunni clerk and also Mouhammad Jawad Mughniyah shia clerk both agree with this as sheikh Ihsan Abdul lateef Albakri said: the wahbiis are out of our Islamic schools of thought and their leaders are misguide and out of believers way.         

Date: [2016/3/3]     Seen: [600]

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