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The hadiths that say that prophet forgets sometime

I have bunches of questions which I need their answers in detail
1- Do the logic book by Muzaffar is from mensuration of Abuhanifa?
2- Is true that the first of Usul Book is the letter of Safiee then it comes to shia?
3- How to work with the hadiths that say that prophet forgets sometime?


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

11-  That is faults no basic vacant one this is the first time I hear that

22-  That’s wrong the first one who wrote in Usul was the Imams companions read the book (tassissu shia lil ulumil Islamiya)

33-   This is what sheikh Sadugh has said and it contradicts with what we know in the hadith. 

Date: [2016/3/8]     Seen: [556]

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