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Teaching of philosophy

Hello dear
What is proving of teaching of philosophy such as the philosophy Books of Avicenna?
What is your word about the two Books of Tamheedul qawaeed and Fussul hikam?
Do we could learn ethic from the book of Awsaf ishraf by Howaja in need?
Your point of view Manhajul jaded feel falsafa instead of bidaya and nihayya and Manzuma?


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

I have mentioned earlier that I believe who do not know his Imam of age his death is ignorance death, and someone his death is ignorance death his life also is ignorance life as ignorance is gloomy and darkness that is impossible to live in darkness and get light, if you believes are strong read whatever you want and take advantage of it.

Concerning the new books I have no information about them. thank God the lord of the universe      

Date: [2016/3/9]     Seen: [544]

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