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Beating children

Hello dear I am married and have a child less than two years, unfortunately my wife beat him always, I have prevent him many times and tell her not to beat him, but the result was negative, could you guide me really I need it?

Sorry strange to hear that a mom beating her son! Is it not a Mother is a house of harmony love and tender, how could she behave at this way, if the matter was his movement in the house you also have the right to beat her too, it is not like that she will not go with that? In the house she moves more than him. For sure she will not accept that, maybe she does not hear what Imam Alkazim said in this as he said child like this will be smart when he grown up, that is a bless for you the parent, telling the Mother if the child is grown up like this maybe in future he will hate her or get revenge from her as also he will revenge from other people, new psychology science has confirmed that.

I advise that Mother to know that there are other ways to educate the children without beating them she has to know that there is blood money if he gets hurt if she does not give it hereafter she will be judged. God is the Omni power  

Date: [2016/3/20]     Seen: [466]

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