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Healing of sickness

Salam dear Syed, I need help to find a cure for my sickness ,after my despair of the Doctors, i need to believe in God and the household of the prophet (peace be up on them).

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

There is no doubt that the primary goal of the creation of the human being is to reach level is to reach  greatness, this greatness sometimes happiness at this point the servant of God has to thank the lord, as thanks is the half of believe, the other is hardship at this the time also servant has to bear forbearance, as it is the half other of believe.

The many sickness exams maybe because of your greatness, you have to be patient in order to climb on the ladder of greatness God willing the exalted one. O the family of yassir bear forbearance your final destination is paradise, give good news the people of patient. May God help       

Date: [2016/3/23]     Seen: [1007]

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