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Last position against the Ayatollah Yaqubi

Hello dear I hoped that you are Seyid Alawy that we knew, unfortunately you have endorsed false and bad in your last position against the Ayatollah Yaqubi, prepare your Question and longue stand before God.

In the Name of God the Omni power the Merciful

Hello dear thank you for your previous well hope on me and as I ask our lord forgive you for your recent bad hope on me. Some was asking me the standard of the Islamic leadership (marjaeya) attribution in general, then I illustrate for him the highline of every Islamic leadership, how he has to be according to the Hadith of Imam Askari of choosing a leader. My goal was not slandering someone or cursing somebody my intention was only to show the right way for the next generation, there are signs of guidance as it is the styles of the path of eloquence (Nahjul Balgha) sometime Imam Ali illustrates the signs of believer in order to know the attribution of believer, sometime also he illustrates the signs of pious and also sometime the three signs of hypocrite these are the ways which Quran and the Household of prophet have educated us. Saying about Sheikh Yaqubi I know him longtime ago he and his late brother Ali God bless his soul used to come to my father Mosque (j’amiu Alawy) in the city of UBAYDIYA sheikh Ali and I were studying in my father school, at that time Sheikh Yaqobi was twelve years old I was teaching him the Grammar (Nahul Wadih) first volume, that time I was fifteen. That is why I know him since early life he and his great family, my witness for him will not increase his virtue neither decrease him. Now who have to prepare the question before God me or you?   

I beg our God to forgive me and you and make us part of the resident of paradise to remember you your letter this, and how do you have hurt me and my feeling saying that I have supported false and bad, O Allah accept our work in the best manner, make our heart full of love of each other under the love of God and the progeny of our great prophet (peace be up on him) living under the shadow of Imam of Age (PBUH) I forgive you but I am worry about your ending, for sure one day you will be at odds with sheikh God knows.

Beside this all I repeat I am in your service and the service of all believers as long as I am in right path. All praises due to Allah the lord of the Universe.   

Date: [2016/3/24]     Seen: [608]

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