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A Changed friend to delinquency

Hello dear Seyid I am a youth I have good and real friend we use to be always together he was very faithful one we love each other strongly but suddenly he changed and converted to juvenile and delinquency but more than I try to convince him the more he goes far of me, I have tried to leave him but I could not. He was indeed a Masterpiece for me, Seyid help me to get him back.

In the name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Dear know that the hearts are in the hands of the God and every things are in his hand if he omitted thing he will replace it with some things else alike or better, you lose good friend how it will be if you lose bad one. Fore sure God will give you better one, be patient and supplicate to God and his prophet and household read my book about Assadiq Wa Sadaqua Fi Rihabi Riwayat in the site my. May god bless you.

Date: [2016/4/3]     Seen: [1289]

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