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Divorce by SMS

Hello dear I am a girl and I have a relationship with a boy in the social networks such as Facebook in this relation we have engage and married verbally in order not to make sin in our discussion, he says to me by sms we are divorced, now you are free, by anger, in the morning he regrets and apologized want to came back by justifying it he says: the divorce was not legitimate one because it was SMS that is not a right divorce until now I am his wife, I am wondering about it, is this a right divorce or not?


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

If the Marriage was eternally one it will be ended in the presence of a fair person, then the husband or his represent say my wife is free meaning divorce, at this the divorce is right and true this is what is the true divorce in shia I do not know if you are shia or sunna. then my advice for you is to end this relation if you are not serious, because this boy maybe one day will be an obstacle for you when you married with another person, he will threaten you in order to brought you down, if you are serious keep it in the common way he demands his family to come to yours and married seriously. I ask God the exalted one do not make this one unfortunate delinquent boys. 

Date: [2016/4/12]     Seen: [757]

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