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What is the statue of the Prophet Mohammad (P B U H)?

What is the statue of the Prophet Mohammad (P B U H)?
There was one of the preachers in our community, he was delivering an interesting lecture about the statue of our prophet (peace be up on him) and the household, in middle of his speech, he was hesitating to say a word in the presence of the audience, but at the end he had the courage to say (God is Mohammad and he is God, but Mohammad is a servant of God, God is a worshiped one but Mohammad is not a worshiped) he arguments it by the (say to us whatever you want but do not make us as God) because adoring is only for God and Mohammad is one of God’s servitor, after the lecture one of the audience stood up and rebuking him for what he has said, saying that the man exaggerated.
What is your point of view about it?

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

I bear witness that Mohammad is Allah servant and his apostle the last one a human being except is revealed, the meaning of (do not considered us as a God) is not like how this man comprehend it, God will not be compared with anything never and ever, before God Mohammad is zero, God has no limit in any aspects neither in knowledge or power or life, Prophet is look like a mirror which reflect the light of Allah and his attributions, the man has known something but ignored many other things, would be better for him to know the level of understand of his audience, every state has its own saying, it is not a fair to say whatever you know. And do not talk to the people what they refuse, maybe they curse God and his Prophet in ignorance. Thank the higher one.

Date: [2016/4/19]     Seen: [1166]

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