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False Mahdi's Gate claiming

Hello dear
What is your point of view about someone is saying to people follow him he is the represent of Imam Almahdi (peace be up on him) before his reappearance?

In the name of God the Merciful the compassionate 

People like them use to appear before the big reappearance of Imam of age (peace be up on him) in a while, for test and exam in order to distinguish between right and false good and bad, we had a sheikh a knowledge one used to claim that he is the gate of Imam of age he has special meeting with Imam Mahdi, people have followed him then groups follow him they were ignorant his name was Babiya, from them comes the Bahaee until now. Be sure they will vanish and right will last forever, know the right you will know the righteous, make balance people with holy Qoran and holy hadith if they are going with Qoran and Hadith follow them, our scholars they are never taking apart from Qoran.

 may God bless you.    

Date: [2016/5/9]     Seen: [1420]

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