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Permissions to read supplications

1. Do I need permission to recite the supplication, i.e. (Ya Wahhab) you advised for sujud shukr after prayers? If yes, then we seek your permission to recite and also for the supplication (Ya Allah) for patience. If there is in any way a supplication that will help in having more kids and also to get rid of obsession (being captive to your past deeds) and supplication to reach higher heights in knowledge.
2. Whatever I tried I don’t wake up for morning prayers or I am lazy, which way will make my will stronger and be able to have the blessings you pointed out to me (forty nights after morning prayers each time I should recite “ya halim” but I was not able to do that. Now I am diagnosed with affective disorder and sometimes during the days I experience excessive euphoria and depression afterwards, this diseases have resulted in temper tantrums and also associated with irritability and aggression.

 In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful


1)    Supplications by itself don’t need permission but elders said “if it is with permission it has more effect as if it was done with sincerity and knowledge and awareness”

2)    Am giving you permission for God’s sake.

3)    This dua will help you get rid of your obsession (اللّهم اخرجنی من ظلمات الوهم واکرمنی بنور الفهم اللهم افتح علینا أبواب رحمتک وانشر علینا خزائن علومك برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين).

4)    And this dua, (أعوذ بالله القوي وبمحمدٍ الرّضي من شرّ الشيطان الغوي برحمتك ياأرحم الراحمين).

5)    Loving God will make lover be able to wake up for morning prayers, and also read supplications of devotee and lovers of God before sleeping at night.

والله المستعان

Date: [2016/7/17]     Seen: [1246]

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