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are we created from lady fatima?

Salamu alaikum
Please I will like you to help me and point me towards the best and the required paths and beloved by God almighty, that which he wants me to see for myself, you have always stressed it out in your lectures that “طوبى لمن عرف قدر نفسه” “blessed is he who knows as much as himself” and that “he knows himself knows his Lord and he who knows his lord knows everything”
In the ziyara of Lady Fatima we recite that “اشهد اني طاهر بولايتك””I certify that I am pure with my submission to you”, is this as much as myself? And that are we created from Lady Fatima? And i breathed into him my spirit, Zahra is my soul that is between my side, the angels and the Spirit.
Descend to her in the night of Qadr and in our time the spirits will descend upon our master Mahdi, in the time of our prophet and lady Fatima did they descend in their real form? Please explain this to me.

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful

My lord you goods are descending upon me, and my evils are rising, my Lord when I look at my sins I lose hope and when I look at your mercy I beg, and this is the case worship and prostration to God almighty.

In the time of Lady Fatima they descend upon the prophet and after his demise upon imam Ali, therefore they descend upon a complete human being that is the manifestation of the great names of God that is too general to be a prophet of God and the world.

Date: [2016/9/8]     Seen: [1316]

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