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emancipation from the fire of hell

Salamu alaikum
Concerning the issue of “Address people according to their minds” I will like you to comment adequately on all of the following questions. Emancipation from the fire
• Is there any criterion in which Allah emancipates his servants from hell fire?
• And can we say that one of us has been written among those that Allah will emancipate from the hell fire on the night of Qadr?
• By emancipation of servants from the fire is it intended that the servant repays by not committing a major sin and vices for the rest of his life?
• And may I request that you mention the names of some considered authors especially on the issue of emancipation from fire, and what was reported from Ahlulbayt(A.S)?
1. We know that the penalty of a servant ( like accounting for his deeds, punishment, and pardon without accounting for his deeds)after his death is performed by Allah the decent, kind, merciful and he is not incapable of anything, and we cannot deny that we are responsible for our deeds in this world .
The question here is does this pertain who kills unjustly (in bomb explosions and the rest) and those that are addressed with the tittle of martyrdoms “metaphorically” we should not rule out that he may be included in the kindness and the wide mercy of God, and all his sins be forgiven and he has a good ending.
So is correct to say that who performs evil deeds Allah will forgive them all even if it is the grievances of a servant? And if God is not pleased by him so much as his world ends a bad endin??

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful

1.    A sinner is a prisoner of his sins and sin from its interior is fire, therefore a sinner is a prisoner of fire  and he must free himself from it with full faith and good deeds.

·       Yes piety piety Piety

·       The sign of repentance is not repeating the sins again, if he does that then it is accepted in the night of Qadr, and that God will free him from his sins and the hell fire.

·       That is true

2.    If he is a follower of ahulbayt (A.S) he is promised forgiveness and paradise

And giving people their rights and he should submit his things to Allah on the day of resurrection ,if he wished he will punish him and if he wish he will forgive him , Allah asks and he is not asked and our question is why did we leave this world with such ending.  

Date: [2016/9/9]     Seen: [1017]

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