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Participation in the fight of Syria and the varying position between Sayed Sistani and Sayed Khamnei

Salamu alaikum
I have a belief in fighting for the faith and Islam in general, no matter the country as long as my objective is Islam, honestly as I saw how Sayed khamenei is supporting the fight in Syria I readied myself to be sacrificed in the way of faith, I searched for the opinion of Sayed Sistani but couldn’t see any sign of support from him, and now I don’t imitate any Marjaa because if I want to go for jihad Sayed Sistani doesn’t approve that and I want to change my marjaa and imitate Sayed Khamenei so that I can go for jihad in Syria and Iraq they tell me that Sayed Sistani is more knowledgeable…
If he is more knowledgeable then why is it that there is no explanation or any detail in his fatwas concerning jihad, for because of that I now know who is more knowledgeable to imitate in the meantime the most knowledgeable of the maraji is sayed Khamenei

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful

This whole perception and imagination is void, the issue of who is more knowledgeable is discussed in a legitimate way, like the testimony of two qualified witness, and if confirmed that he is knowledgeable there is no need to research whether he agrees to Jihad or not, but rather work according to his rulings even if he doesn’t say a word about jihad, because he is responsible for all the deeds that are according to his rulings, if it turns out that they are right you and him both have two merits each, but if it’s wrong you have two merits and he has one merit because you did what was obligatory on you , don’t be perplexed, because perplexity and doubts are caused by the Satan and his troops amongst the humans and jinn, all the maraji must have some certain conditions before they can be imitated .


Date: [2016/10/28]     Seen: [1497]

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