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How can a believer keep his faith from deviation

How can a believer keep his faith from deviation
 How can a believer keep his faith from deviation?
In the of Allah the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful.

With good thinking and association with nice and righteous people and    constant recitation of glorious Qur'an and performing midnight prayers and ( Oh Allah make my tongue in your remembrance as dialect and my heart be captured by your love) Oh Allah grant me complete devotion to You).
 And seek intercession with righteous men and women and you should avoid interection with people who were deviant in faith and should also avoid attending or listen to anything that will bring uncertainties and doubting in correct faith.

And lastly you should always associate with the scholars and avoid uneducated, immoral and deviant peoples . For sure no matter how apples are fresh and good if you put them inside spoiling once they will easily get spoils too, and that is how human beings are . Allah is the helper
Date: [2019/6/26]     Seen: [117]

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