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what is the cure of cold sex in intercourse?

I am a married woman I have a cold sex in intercourse, i am asking if it is permitted to use the romantic story which it makes my sex feeling up, use it only when I am having sex with my husband?

If it is confirmed that everything which awake a prohibited intimacy that is a problematic in the case of opening door of allowing prohibited, it is not adoring god where they disobey him, you have to solve it through the permitted ways such as using the medicament, if you mean by your word cold, the sexual intercourse, but if you mean living together, the best is to use the verses revealed in the holy quran and in the holy hadith,which makes the relation better between the two married. you can find it also in the book: tarbiyatu al usrat  al dawi quran  wa itra(educating the family according to the Quran and the holy Sunna) edited in the Wikipedia rissalatul islamyah god is the one we seek for help     
Date: [2015/3/12]     Seen: [1039]

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