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What is the cure of cold sex in intercourse?

I am a married woman and I have a hard time getting warmed up for sex, i am asking if it is permitted to use a kind of stimulant to increase my sexual drive with my husband ?
The holy Quran is the most tried remedy for improving the relationship between the husband and the wife, and the family in general. In that case when it comes to the intimate relations of a husband and a wife the holy Quran also contains a solution. However, if you were referring to the cold sex meaning dry physical sexual intercourse then anything that will bring about unlawful desires in practice and anything that is prohibited is not allowed and must be solved through the permitted solutions such as medicated lubricants, and this can assist in sexual stimulation before sex.

Therefore, if a couple is having sexual relationship issues they should turn to the holy Quran and read upon the holy verses that pertain to these issues. For additional supplemental information you may turn to the book of tarbiyatul usrat al dawi quran wal itra which means to ( educate the family according to the holy quran and sunnah, and God is the most helpful. 

Date: [2015/3/12]     Seen: [1187]

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