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what is the sharia (Islamic law) crèche year of children?

I have a boy his name is Ali four years and half he is living with her divorced mother, the tribunal has allow me to see him four hours in a month what is the sharia year which permit the father to take back his child from his mother and take care of him?

In the name of Allah the merciful the most gracious

This depends on an accord between the father and mother, crèche of a boy is two years and daughter eight years, if a boy is more than two years his education is on her father, except that a resolution from the sharia judge has signed, that the father could not take care of his child maybe because of crazy sickness…the father has to see the sharia judge before the non-sharia judge that is because everything that is disobeying the law of god in a clear verses of Quran: Is debauchery, oppress, disbelief.

God is who he knows 

Date: [2015/3/17]     Seen: [1183]

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