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Women and public position

Genral questions: Assalamu alaikum
Something is worrying me so much, and I need an answer to that, we are in support of knowledge and we are not against it, but why is it that we don’t see any woman that has become a key element of work in state establishments, but mostly men reach a high level in the society, and thus men and women have to mix up tighter while working and we cannot deny the work of women in the state establishments, in this dealing both men and women are employees and reviewers this is confusing, and I can’t find an answer to this, I find myself between a rock and a hard place, ... ... View Answer

How to end the temporary marriage contract

Religion Rules » Marriage: Salamu Alaikum
Is it permissible to renew temporary marriage contract after the expiration of the period, and is the expiration of the period considered as divorce, and is it permissible to marry one person more than 3 times?
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Is it permissible to recites suratul ikhals and kafiroon in prostrations (sujud)?

Jurisprudence: Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
Is it permissible to recite the chapter of ikhlas and kafiroon in sujud, and is trhere any harm in doing so?
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Participation in the fight of Syria and the varying position between Sayed Sistani and Sayed Khamnei

Jurisprudence: Salamu alaikum
I have a believe on fighting for the faith and Islam in general, no matter the country as long as my objective is Islam, honestly as I saw how Sayed khamnei is supporting the fight in Syria I readied myself to be sacrificed in the way of faith, I searched for the opinion of Sayed Sistani but couldn’t see any sign of support from him, and now I don’t imitate any Marjaa because if I want to go for jihad Sayed Sistani doesn’t approve that and I want to change my marjaa and imitate Sayed Khamnei so that I can go for jihad in Syria and Iraq they tell me that Sayed Sistan is more knowledgeable…
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Does killing a salamander requires ghusul?

Jurisprudence: Is my prayer void if I kill a salamander and did not perform ghusul? ... View Answer

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