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the plauge by losing a job

Genral questions: Salamu alaikum
I am plagued by losing my job without any reason, with which I offer my services to the faithful, guide me on that please.
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emancipation from the fire of hell

Dogmas: Salamu alaikum
Concerning the issue of “Address people according to their minds” I will like you to comment adequately on all of the following questions. Emancipation from the fire
• Is there any criterion in which Allah emancipates his servants from hell fire?
• And can we say that one of us has been written among those that Allah will emancipate from the hell fire on the night of Qadr?
• By emancipation of servants from the fire is it intended that the servant repays by not committing a major sin and vices for the rest of his life?
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are we created from lady fatima?

Jurisprudence: Salamu alaikum
Please I will like you to help me and point me towards the best and the required paths and beloved by God almighty, that which he wants me to see for myself, you have always stressed it out in your lectures that “طوبى لمن عرف قدر نفسه” “blessed is he who knows as much as himself” and that “he knows himself knows his Lord and he who knows his lord knows everything”
In the ziyara of Lady Fatima we recite that “اشهد اني طاهر بولايتك””I certify that I am pure with my submission to you”, is this as much as myself? ... ... View Answer

Why did God make us longing to know him at the same time made us incapable of know him?

Salamu alaikum
Why did God make us longing to know him at the same time made us incapable of know him?
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is sayin takbir before ruku and sajdah mustahab?

Jurisprudence: Salamu alaikum
Is saying takbir before ruku mustahab?
And is the takbir before prostrating mustahab?
And is takbir after the first sajdah, before the second sajdah, and after the second sajdah mustahab?
And is saying(بحول الله وقوته أقوم وأقعد مستحب)mustahab?
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