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what is the way of knowing the soul

Ethics » Self purifying:
Assalamu alaikum
what is the way of knowing the soul which is the way of knowing Allah the exalted one((who knows himself knows his lord...))?? ... View Answer

live in paradise twice

Separate questions:
hello if it is possible for one to live paradise twice here and hereafter? ... View Answer

I Need advice in some sprites action which lightened a heart.

Ethics » Self purifying: Hello seyid I wish you all the best

the eminence I would like, you help me in two things the first: I Need advice in some sprites actions which lightened heart.
second: be safeguarded from the satan attacks the damned of God and angels and men all to be up on him ... View Answer

Eating in the Market

Religion Rules » The foods and drinks: hello dear seyid

we realized a lot of forbidden of eating in the Market even if the food is not dubious, what is the cause that? and what is the consequence of it in the inside? ... View Answer

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