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Is it enough to say (السلام علیکم ورحمة الله وبرکاته) and end your prayer?

Salamu alaikum
Is it enough to say (السلام علیکم ورحمة الله وبرکاته) and end your prayer?
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Revocation of temporary marriage contract

Religion Rules » Marriage: How can one revoke the contract of temporary marriage before the agreed time is reached? ... View Answer

Shubuha On why Shia followers support Bashar Al-assad

Genral questions: I am from Algeria, I am proud of Martyr Shaheed Saddam Husain the hated from America and Shia Safawiyyah, My Question is: why do you say that you love the Ahle bayt and you insult and curse the companions? You are just a waste on the earth. Why do you support Bashar Al Assad against unarmed people? Why don’t you fight Israel? Traitors. You are but dogs of the hell fire. ... View Answer

The Prayers of a Traveler

Genral questions: 1. I want to travel to a place that is 400 km away from where I stay to perform some duties that will take at least 20 days, if I know my duty is to complete my prayers from the time I reach my destination, then, what is my duty from the time I left my home to the time I will reach my destination?
2. And what about my fasting?
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I forget easily and cant memorize things.

Religion Rules » Supplications: Assalamu Alaikum Sayed, I have a problem of not been able to memorize, I am from the people that read Koran, dua and Azkar very often. I also listen to speech by scholars a lot. I need your advice. God bless you. ... View Answer

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