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There is aesthetic knowledge for the Ahlul-Bayt, that Somebody like Salman the Muhammadan has knowledge of; for he knows some of the beauties of Amirul Mumineen (a.s) that Abu Zar was not aware of. despite that one level of faith before them is equivalent to ten levels of Salam's faith, if Abu Zar had known what was in the bosom of Salam, he would have regarded him an infidel; he would have said that: may the mercy of Allah be upon the killer of Salman. For one level of faith between faith and infidelity is as the distance between the heavens and the earth.

As for the perfect knowledge of Amirul Mumineen, Ali (a.s), it clearly explains it the saying that is narrated about the great prophet (S.A.W.A) that: oh Ali, no one knows you except God and I. aside from God and his prophet no one else knows the secret of the essence and the axis of reality, and the dot under the letter (ب) in Basmallah, and the center of the universe. The one whose name (Ali) is derived from the name of the most-high (al-Ali al-Aala), whose holy splendor is from the splendor of Muhammad, he then reached the full height with his perfection, revealed the dark with his beauty, all his qualities are beautiful, and he guided others with his majesty- seek blessing upon Muhammad, his cousin and his progeny.

Ali (a.s) is human being, but his Lord manifests in him and he becomes known, and whoever rejects him has disbelieved. For he is the perfect human being that the beautiful names and the high qualities of Allah manifest in him, and thus he becomes the manifestation of monotheism, just as he bears the purity of prophethood and the sweetness of Wilayah. And all that is said concerning his virtues, kindness and his lofty status does not reach ten pennants.       

Ali is a friend of Allah and his proofs against his creatures, and the representative of his prophet and the master of guardians. The names of his Lord manifest in him, and he bears all the qualities of the prophet (S.A.W.A), his knowledge, and his secrets that were put in his custody safe prophethood. He is the caller and the guider to the right path, he is the chosen one after the prophet to deliver the divine emanation to human being. He is the straight path, and the proper curriculum and the great event. He has the knowledge of the scripture and adequate discussion.

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