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Did you know that Allah created the paradise from the light of Imam Hussain (a.s), and became the cause of existence in the material world; if it dwells in the paradise what the eyes have not seen, and the ears have not heard and the mind of mankind has not imagined, then how do you imagine the cause of the paradise?! Can anyone get to the reality of Imam Hussain?! But all that we’ve gotten about him all this while till date is just tenth of his reality- meaning that it is just one out of hundred and it remains ninety-nine and it shall be known during the reappearance of the Messiah and on the day of judgment. What we have about him is just a handful of water from the ocean of his virtues and outstanding traits, rather what we are having is from them because without them we wouldn’t have known anything about them.

If we read the biography of our past and present scholars and jurists, the likes of Shaikh Tusi, Shaikh Mufid, the two brothers Sayid Ridha and Murtadha Sayid Mahdi Bahrul ulum, Shaikh Abdulkarim Ha’iri, Alammah Majlisi, Sayid Mar’ashi and we study the secret of their success and popularity, we would discover that the secret of their success is their sincere involvement in the issues of the master of martyrs, Imam Hussain. And their competition in his funeral ceremony in all of its forms, starting from giving life to the signs appointed by Allah the Glorious.

From Imam Ridha (a.s): the day of Hussain causes pain to our eyelids, sheds our tears, and provokes humility in our dear ones… and from our master, Imam Hujja the son of Imam Askari: oh grandfather! I shall mourn you morning and evening, and I shall shed blood for you instead of tears.

Imam Hussain is the light and lantern of Allah in the world of reality, he is a perfect human being that his Lord’s beautiful names manifest in him, and the reality of his grandfather the most honorable. In his biography, his revolution for positive change has come to live as long as time exists.


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