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Advice about the self

In the name of Allah the most beneficent the merciful

Ayatollah Adil al-alawy ,

Advice about the knowledge of the self

Dear respectful reader, Peace be upon you,

Repeat these statements every day for 40 days, you will see its positive effects in your daily life, your emotional status will improve even if you were exhausted or lost hope or determination or you are currently living in a state of unsettlement or worry, you will be able to leave these worries and begin to live your new life, with its beauty, liveliness, and completeness, so that you may be able to become a positive person away from losing hope in a negative routine like lifestyle, as a result you will improve and go forward with success, therefore for your well-being repeat these statements every day:

1. I live a calm and peaceful life and have confidence in myself and Tawakkul on God

2. My heart is full of compassion and love in my life

3. I love to be myself and not someone else so I can be true to myself

4. I am always in the right place at the right time

5. I do not waste my time or opportunities

6. I become happy living my life with people who have truth and sincerity

7. I provide everything I need for tomorrow and the future

8. I hold positive ideas for myself and others

9. I change negative points and exchange them with positive points

10. I am strong and I am very capable I have a great and unbelievable power

11.  I am all happiness and jolly I am consistently growing and becoming better

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