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Question: What is the general criticism on the Wahabi sect?

Answer: there is no doubt that the present sect,Wahabi, its origin and creation is traced back to al-Skaikh Muhammad bin Abdulwahab (who was born in the year 1115H, in the land of Uyainah, and died in the 1206H in Najd of Hijaz). His followers are known as Wahabists, a name derived from his surname (Abdulwahab).

He collected his doctrines and founded his sect on the teachings of al-Shaikh Ahmad bin AbdulHalim, who is popularly known as ibn Taymiya, of the seventh century of Hijra. (who was born in Harraan in the year 661H, and died in Damascus in the year 728H). and also on the teachings of his student ibn al-Qaim al-Jawzi; they are both among the scholars of the school of thought, Hanabilah, who are radicals both in Jurisprudence and beliefs. They and their adherents are different among other Muslims, be it Sunis, Shias or Sufis, they are different from everyone even from the Hanabila especially their predecessors.

They believe that anyone that visits the graveyard is an idolater, or that intercedes with the righteous, or seeks their blessings; and the likes among their radical beliefs which are deviants from the path, truth, rationality and the spirit of the great Islam. Regarding the precepts of the Islamic religion they said they are innovations and misguidance, they restricted Islam to themselves among other Muslims, they rose under the pretense of pure monotheism with hostile and ignorant attack, they distorted the reputation of Islam the right religion for all human beings, through their ignorance and sectarian terror they destabilized the Islamic community; they resulted to their whims and ignorance instead of the real and true Islam.  

Through their activities of declaring Muslims as infidels and their discriminate attacks on all Muslims by relating with Islam and Muslims from a different perspective like the real Islam of Muhammad has being distorted by the rest of the sect, thus they came up with new Islam under the guardianship of al-Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdulwahab just as it is clear in his book "al-Tahwheed" (The Monotheism) that he and those who follow him are the true monotheist through the establishment of the true Islam and monotheism; for the rest of the Muslims, they have been compromised by the worst idolatry.

And those who criticize their misguided and misleading views and principles, either do that in general or in particular, by explaining the parts of their beliefs and later discrediting them with conclusive evidence and expose their falseness and fakeness, and their lack of truth through proper reason, and making reference to the book of Allah and the traditions of the prophet.

And the aim for this attempt is to criticize wholly and generally their common misleading and deviant beliefs. And it shall be proven that their beliefs are built on the edge of a cracking hollowed bank, and it shall fall by God willing, even if the unjust sultans and tyrant kings enforce them with money, swords and weapons… is not the morning nigh?!


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