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The Light of Hazrat Seyeda Fatima al-Zahraa (A)

The Light of Hazrat Seyeda Fatima al-Zahraa (A)

Hazrat Seyeda Fatima al-Zahra (A), in her was combined the light of Prophethood and the light of Imamate. She is the only woman and daughter that had a special place in the heart of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is no one else that can compared to his daughter nonetheless, because she is the master of the women of the world and the universe, and she is the hidden cause for all existence, and she is the reason why the skies and the earth bloomed and this came from the light and the greatness of Allah (swt). Therefore, there is no equal to her from the other men from Prophet Adam (PBUH) to only Imam Ali the son of Abu Talib (A). Then Allah (swt) arranged her marriage in the skies and said to his prophet (PBUH): “I have arranged the marriage of the light with the light and commanded the light to be placed on her for the purpose of her marriage, and for that reason she became responsible for holding the light of Prophethood and that light of Imamate.”

Translated : Mohamed al-Najjar
Edited :       Iffat Zahra

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