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Allah (SWT) the merciful and powerful  commanded us from his kindness, to call on him and seek from him; and the most wonderful part of it is that he does not care about a man if he does call on him and seek from him and that is to show (from the servants) their place as a servant, and of humiliation, and perhaps their place of profanity. For a servant, sometimes, humiliates himself before the glory of his Lord the Mighty. And sometimes he profanes himself as a result of his proximity to his holy emanation- he becomes in-between humiliation and profane. And the reality of worship is to be completely dependent on Allah and this is the meaning of supplication in essence and reality. And he who depends on his lord does not feel independent, rather he sees himself to be always in need, he sees that he controls not for himself any harm or profit, and he controls not death nor raising (the death) to life.

Supplication is the center of worship, and the weapon of the believers and the prophets, and the key to all goodness and prosperity.  For it protects against the scourge, sends down a blessing, makes his activities easy for him, and increases his capacity, and subsequently increases his blessing. Based on this we see from the tradition of the prophet and the school of Ahlul Bayt specifically making general emphasis on prayer and livelihood, especially; for prophets and their trustees, the friends of Allah and those who believe in him do not relent on prayer and seeking of livelihood.

In the Islamic program, aside from the part of the supplications and benedictions, there is a potion that deals with seeking a livelihood in all its forms, just that is not just seeking for an increase in livelihood- for a person might seek for an increase in livelihood but it will be harmful to human beings and a reason for him to become inordinate: “man is most surely inordinate because he sees himself free from want.” And there will be no good in such an increase in wealth- rather they seek for increase in legal livelihood, good, beneficial and blessed, a blessing that will be permanent and continuous, in prayer, we have: “Oh Allah, increase and bless”, and the increase is connected with the divine blessing- and ‘Blessing’ is one of the manifestations of God’s blessed name,

And then it is not hidden that the supplications and prayers of livelihood are very much that if we would want to collect them, it will lead to encyclopedia and voluminous (write-up), but it will suffice to mention a few of them as examples so that it might be a key of goodness to the people of supplication, and thus they call Allah with it even if it is just once during the reading of this write-up, some faithful might even take them as devotions in their Swalat or his benedictions after his Swalat and God, the holy will include me in the reward. And what I wrote will be beneficial to me after my death, it will benefit me in my grave, before the day of judgment and the day of my resurrection, the day on which property will not avail, nor sons except him who comes to Allah with a heart free (from evil). And the last of my words shall be: praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.


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