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What is the meaning of the narration which says anyone who visit Imam Hossein (A.S) is like who


It was reported (Whoever visited Hossein is like someone's that who visited Allah in His throne....), I need an explanation on this narration and it's authenticity, actually, the Wahabis (Nasibis) are taking unwarranted advantage of this narration for blackmailing the path of Ahlulbayt ( Shi'ism)?

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most merciful.

It has been reported from Imam Ridha (A) He Said: " Whoever visited the tomb of Imam Hossein (A) at the river of Forat is similar to a person who visited Allah in his throne (Al'arsh). In another narration: " Is like someone who visits Allah in His chair (Kur'siy).

Indeed the one who visits Imam Hossein (A) peace be upon him he is like the one who enters the heavens and he was also, like the one who visits Allah the Most High, this is because of the holy names of Allah will appear on him, the place is like a mirror in which good names of Allah is appear and it is a higher position which only the chosen ones are able to get it. You would get this for the visit of Imam Hossein peace of Allah be upon him as a visit to Allah, he will be bless you with His unique bounties which few one's are getting and he will also be very close to God at a distance of but two- lengths or even nearer. And would be getting more nearer to Allah. In a sure abode with a Sovereign Omnipotent.

Therefore those are working towards it they work harder for it.

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