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Beating children

Salaam your eminence,

I am married and have a child that is less than two years old, unfortunately my wife always beats him and I have to prevent her many times and tell her not to beat him, but the results have always been negative, could you guide me really I need it? ... View Answer

the right of father over his child

Is it right father goes out far away with his child without awareness of his wife? ... View Answer

I have Worse parent on earth

Hello sir I have worse parent on earth I have done any kind of goodness to them but until now they are continuing in their habit making sins the worse one that one imagine, what is the rule of Islam about may interacting with them?
... View Answer

What is the sharia (Islamic law) creche year of children?

I have a boy his name is Ali four years and half he is living with his divorced mother, the tribunal has allowed me to see him four hours in a month, what is the sharia year which permits the father to take back his child from his mother and take care of him? ... View Answer

What if a student is blamed by his parents as a result of his studies occupying his relations with his family and his relations have been cut as a result?

Peace be upon you , your eminence,

My question to you is in regards to your parents not being pleased with you , for the reason of you taking up the role of being a student of knowledge and this has taken up the time of the son or daughter and has therefore become a situation where it has takes the toll of cutting relations with the family, therefore what is your opinion on this matter ? ... View Answer

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