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is sayin takbir before ruku and sajdah mustahab?

Salamu alaikum
Is saying takbir before ruku mustahab?
And is the takbir before prostrating mustahab?
And is takbir after the first sajdah, before the second sajdah, and after the second sajdah mustahab?
And is saying(بحول الله وقوته أقوم وأقعد مستحب)mustahab?

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful

All of this takbir are mustahab,and it is the beauty of the prayer,it is reported in the commentary of the holy Quran (وصل لربك وانحر) what is meant by (النّحر)sacrifice is raising the hands when saying takbir in prayers  from the first takbir to the takbir before ending the prayer  all this are mustahab including the zikr recited after the two sajdah before standing up .

Date: [2016/9/7]     Seen: [2105]

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