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What is the reality of Hieroglyphs?


In the name of Allah the beneficent the Merciful

Dear Ayatollah Syed Adil al-Alawy,

Peace be upon you, your eminence,

Question : 

We find these days that there are many who claim that they are specialized in this or that field of knowledge with many book references, and clips of video that are spread through social media outlets.

1. What is the reality of this matter?

2. Is it true that the close family member, friend, or the one that performs magic has an effect on the person.

3.What is the reality of Hieroglyphs?

4. Is there any benefit to learning this knowledge?

5. what is your advice?

Please keep us in your prayers


In the name of Allah the beneficent the Merciful

Most of these people have no knowledge in these type of matters and maybe you will find one in one thousand knows something of these matters, therefore I advise you to fear Allah and he will find you a way out and will grant you of his blessings in ways that you would not have thought possible, thus you must stay out of the way of the actors and liars. I ask Allah to continue guiding you on the straight path. 

Date: [2019/12/2]     Seen: [639]

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