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I am always having a hard time with my livelihood, is there a special supplication that will help me?

Hard time with my Livelihood


I am always having a hard time in my livelihood is there a supplication or an action that I may perform that will help me, May Allah reward you?


It has been narrated from Mohammad the son of Rayyan he said: “I wrote to Imam al-Jawad (A) asking him to teach me a supplication to recite when I am in a difficult situation and when I have a difficult mission, and to give me the same advice that his fathers and predecessors gave. So he wrote to me: become someone who is in a constant state of remembrance in asking for forgiveness.

What it means to be in a constant state of Remembrance is to keep on asking Allah for forgiveness till the last days of your life.

Also, it has been narrated by Ismael the son of Suhail he said: I said to Imam al-Reza (A): “Teach me a supplication that if I say it I will be with you in this life and the next, so he wrote: “Increase your recitation of Surah al-Qadr and make your lips get used to saying the “dhikr”; remembrance: of “Istighfar”, meaning repeating the word of asking for forgiveness.

Imam al-Kathim used to ask Allah for forgiveness 5,000 times a day even though he is an infallible Imam and he does not make mistakes, therefore what can we say about ourselves when we are the ones who commit sins, why don’t we apologize to God and ask for forgiveness.

Also review sura Nuh: 10/11/12. And in those verses, you will find your complete answer and Allah is the most helpful.


Date: [2020/1/5]     Seen: [1000]

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