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Angel Gabriel descend to prophet

Hello sir is it true that Angel Gabriel used to descend by the form of Dihya Alkalbi to the prophet and why? Also Is Angel Gabriel used to descend to other prophets in another form not in his own form?
God bless you

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

It has been narrated in the holy news that Angel Gabriel use to descend to the prophet Mohammad in the form of Dihya Al kalbi, may be because, Angeles are soft light body and jinn are soft fire body and human is hard earthy body, jinn could appears like human being, if he is devil and bad one he appears in a wicked person form, when angel appears he appears in the form of Good person as Dihya al kalbi

Thank God  

Date: [2015/12/26]     Seen: [1617]

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