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Shubuha On why Shia followers support Bashar Al-assad

I am from Algeria, I am proud of Martyr Shaheed Saddam Husain the hated from America and Shia Safawiyyah, My Question is: why do you say that you love the Ahle bayt and you insult and curse the companions? You are just a waste on the earth. Why do you support Bashar Al Assad against unarmed people? Why don’t you fight Israel? Traitors. You are but dogs of the hell fire.

Firstly: There is no doubt that Islam, the religion of Muhammad (SAW) is the religion of ethics and morals as it has been shown in many verses and hadith. And none the less, in speech. A believer don’t say bad to even a nonbeliever or insult his Gods for he will insult Allah. This our moral and teaching by the Koran. My child, I am (62 years old) you should respect your elders. Your words is not appropriate for a Muslim or even human being.

Secondly: You love Saddam, this is your concern and I pray for you to be resurrected together with him where ever he is, for a person is resurrected with whom he loves.  We do not love him because he oppressed the people of Iraq and killed more than 20 youth from my family, how can I love their killer? And you and the people like you love him because you don’t know anything about his oppression. You ve been deceived by their deception and I will not blame you for that but also be open to others and listen to what they have to say. And after that you can judge them with fairness and equitable justice.

Thirdly: And you said: (Shia Safawiyya) Do you know the meaning of that? Shia has been since before Safawiyyah, they have been since the days of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) He said to Ali (AS):

(يا علي أنت وشيعتك هم الفائزون) And from his shia is Salman Al muhammadi (سلمان منّا أهل البيت) is Salman a Safawi? For safawi’s are the rulers of Iran in the history of Iran 100 years ago. Are the shias only 100 years ago or since the time of the prophet (SAW) till date? Why don’t you read history and not allow who read your messages think of you as illiterate? In Islam an illiterate is being treated by saying “Salam” to him 

(وإذا خاطبهم الجاهلون قالوا سلاماً) will you like me to answer you by saying “Salam” based on the illiteracy you’ve shown?

Fourthly: You said “how can they love Ahlil bayt and insult the companions” first: Ahlil bayt are a group of people and the companions too, it is not impossible to love Ahlil bayt and not love the companions that fought or killed the Ahlil bayt. You might not know all these because you did not research or your scholars have prohibited you from Shia because they know if you understand the reality of Shia you might end up from Shia’s too. Like Sheikh Tijjani. Secondly: who says that all companions are fair in their all activities? You can object them. They are not infallible and it has been recorded after the prophet of their hypocrisy, is fighting Ali not a hypocrisy and who hates him or hold grudge against him a disbeliever? Read your books under the topic Loving Ali and hating him (holding grudge against him). That loving him is from the faith and hating him from infidelity, the people of siffin hated him and held grudges against him and even fought him and Islam. Ali (AS) embodies Islam, he is the sound of justice and humanity, and whoever fights him? Is it not the muawiya, the woman, talha and zubair, what do you say about them? But we believe that the fought the Imam of their time, and is the one who fights the Imam of his time not out of the rank of Islam in your books and our books? This is what we all agreed upon. Then why won’t we disassociate ourselves from them? God has never put in one heart the love of Ali and Muawiya at the same time. It is not possible. No one will say that unless he who is not in his senses. Whoever loves Ali surely hates and disassociates himself from Muawiya. This is something religious and ordinary, how can we not disassociates ourselves from some of this companions that hurt Ahlil bayt, steal their properties and even kill them, whoever hurt them hurts the prophet (SAW) as he said: (فاطمة بضعة مني من آذاها فقد آذاني) Fatimah is a flesh from me, who hurt her hurts me, in Sahih Bukhari (أنها ماتت فاطمة وهي واجدة على فلان وفلان) She passed away while she was angry at so so person. She said: (لهما لقد آذيتموني) you’ve hurt me, and they’ve hurt the prophet too, and who hurt him hurt Allah, who hurt Allah will be cursed by Allah and will be shamed here and hereafter as he said   (الذين يؤذون الله ورسوله فعليهم لعنة الله واعدّ لهم عذاباً مهيناً) indeed those who abuse Allah and his messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and the hereafter and prepared for them a humiliating punishment, then how can we not curse those that hurt the Ahlil bayt? And you should read their history and know how the oppressors from the beginning of caliphate to the days of the Abbasid caliphate and till today oppressed them, killed them and jailed them, they oppressed and killed their innocent followers’ even children and women with explosives devices and car bombs, how can we not disassociate ourselves and curse them with the other cursed people.

And you said: “You are a scum on the earth” I will say: Is the person who disrespect others, call them with bad names a better person or the one who is called the scum on the earth? Why is this irrational speech and abuse? Can we compare a Muslim to a nonbeliever or compare those that are literate to the illiterate, or can we compare the blind and the seer or the dead and the living one? What is the matter with you? How do you judge?

Fifth: We don’t assist Bashar because he is Bashar, but to protect the shrine of the Ahlil bayt and the shrine of Sayyidah Zainab and Sayyidah Ruqayyah and other shrines of the righteous people in Syria, it is a matter of faith and doctrine not personal, our martyrs are martyrs of the Ahlil bayt shrine, this is what you hear and see in our broadcast, if they do not attack our holy shrines we won’t engage them in combat for it is duty of the Syrians to protect their homeland first not others. We saw that the enemies are vandalizing the holy places and we have holy places that we respect even if it is shirk in your understandings, and we respect and believe in it. It is our duty to protect and defend it it as you are defending Saudi Arabia, Qatar and America in the war against Bashar Al’assad, it is your belief. But you can’t accuse my beliefs with baseless accusations without presenting me with a proof, which you don’t have one, but only immodesty and obscenity. This is what pains me a lot if I see how those that wrote in their personal identities (Muslim) but apply Islam like this, they have distance themselves very far from Islam and its ethics. I pray to God to guide them and bring them back to the fold of Islam and its stronghold which is the Mazhab of Ahlil bayt.

But fighting Israel, the world can attest to that, the countries that are supporting and protecting Palestine are shia countries, is it not the Hezbollah in Lebanon that fought the Israel soldiers and defeated them? And they are Shia, is it not Iran that are protecting Palestine? And they are Shia, ask the Palestinians is it Iran that protects you or the Arabian countries?  Even Saudi Arabia betrayed the Palestine people. Listen to the news and judge justly. Don’t let extremism affect your judgment, open your eyes and see the reality of the world for yourself.   Are there locks upon their hearts (people) that they do not think?

Don’t be deceived or fooled with what so so person said, or be cautioned of knowing them but get to know them and read their books and don’t listen to rumors about them or go to their unknown sources but the popular and accepted sources of them by their majority and authority. If you are told that shiit agreed on the twisting of the Koran don’t be deceived, because who said that is one of the unpopular from the unpopular ones, as it is also in the Sunni. Try and be just and enter any discussion without judgment. And I advise you to read and read. For we people (اقرء باسم ربك الذي خلق) then we will know the truth, and Allah will guide you. You are responsible for your religion and beliefs (وقفوهم أنهم مسؤولون) and stop them; indeed, they are to be questioned” the first thing you will be questioned is your beliefs (creed) who is the righteous after Rasulullah between Muawiya(L) and Ali(AS), or between Yazid(L) and Husain (AS) if you were in Karbala on the day of Ashura 61 AH, would you have been in Yazid’s army that were more than 30 thousand or with Husain’s army that were less than 100 people? You should read their history and know which one of them you will want to be resurrected with, don’t say I am with both of them whatever the cause. This is madness, for one of them is right and the other wrong, one of them is Habil of his time and the other Qabil, if you say that you are with both of them, then, that means combining monotheism and polytheism together, it is like combining darkness and light at the same time,   which is impossible based on the rule that says: two opposite things can never combine. In that case, you will become an atheist by accepting habil the oppressed and a polytheist by accepting Qabil the oppressor. You cannot combine the two together, it is irrational and illogical, it also conflicts reason and conscience, and your reason and conscience will never conflict, or you will be referred to as insane.

Lastly, who are the traitors? Is it those that sold Palestine to the Britain whom are also the leaders of the Arabian countries and the rulers of Al Saud? (You should read the history of Al Saud by Sayed Nasir) or those that gave their lives and souls to defend the Palestinians like the Hezbollah of Lebanon?

And your saying “you are the dogs of hell fire, Al-khawarij” this is what the youth of this modern days are suffering from, with all sorrow and pain, the perverted Wahhabi ideology has easily worked on the ordinary Sunnis, and filled their heads that the shiit are the dogs of hell fire and khawarij, this kind of accusations and insults don’t affect us as long as we are on the right path. For the truth is with Ali (AS) and Ali is with the truth. Where ever it goes he goes. As the prophet (SAW) said, it is available in Sunnah and Shia books. We will always be with the truth, die with it and be resurrected with it. And those who have wronged Ahlil bayt and their followers are going to know to what kind of return they will return. The best outcome is for the righteous and those that inherited the earth with the Imam of their time, they will fill it with justice after it was filled with injustice. I pray to God to guide you and all Muslims.

 (إهدنا الصراط المستقيم) the path upon those whom you have bestowed favor from the prophets, and the true tellers, martyrs the righteous.( وحسن أولئك رفيقاً) And excellent are those as companions. ALL THANKS TO ALLAH, THE LORD OF THE WORLD.

Date: [2016/8/6]     Seen: [1719]

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