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How can a believer keep his faith from deviation

And seek intercession with righteous men and women and you should avoid interaction with people who were deviant in faith and should also avoid attending or listen to anything that will bring uncertainties and doubting incorrect faith. ... View Answer

what is the difference between Sufism and irfan

Salamu ailaikum
What is the reality of Sufism and irfan? Because some people are accusing our scholars of Sufism, what is the truth about their claim? Because the failed to ratify their minds about miracles and unusual aspects of nature that can make one to believe in God, that is why they accuse them of Sufism and they say that is what Sufism does to people? Is it true? And is there any difference between Sufism and irfan? And is it true that ibn arabi is the person that came with irfan and taught it to our scholars?
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emancipation from the fire of hell

Salamu alaikum
Concerning the issue of “Address people according to their minds” I will like you to comment adequately on all of the following questions. Emancipation from the fire
• Is there any criterion in which Allah emancipates his servants from hell fire?
• And can we say that one of us has been written among those that Allah will emancipate from the hell fire on the night of Qadr?
• By emancipation of servants from the fire is it intended that the servant repays by not committing a major sin and vices for the rest of his life?
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Why did God make us longing to know him at the same time made us incapable of know him?

Salamu alaikum
Why did God make us longing to know him at the same time made us incapable of know him?
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False Mahdi's Gate claiming

Hello dear
What is your point of view about someone is saying to people follow him he is the represent of Imam Almahdi (peace be up on him) before his reappearance?
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