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There has been a need that has not been fulfilled for more than 10 years. I think that the reason that it has not been fulfilled is because I did not request it in the correct way.

I wish that we could increase our knowledge of the Tawheed (concept of one God) of Allah (SWT) and sincerity on the level of his general mercy and compassion, and knowledge, with what it is, and what was… ... View Answer

I forget easily and cant memorize things.

Assalamu Alaikum Sayed, I have a problem of not been able to memorize, I am from the people that read Koran, dua and Azkar very often. I also listen to speech by scholars a lot. I need your advice. God bless you. ... View Answer

The cause of pray not accepted

What is the cause of when I ask solution for my needs there will not be an answer Instead of my effort of worshiping and humbleness toward God the exalted one? ... View Answer

Chapters (Quadre and tawhiid)

Hello dear there are enphesising from the hadith for the approval (mustahabb) of reading the two chapters (Quadre and tawhiid) in the obligatory prays would you advise to limited in this two chapter or you will advise to other chapter ... View Answer

I am not a fan of prayer

Dear Seyid I have a problem:

I am not a fan of prayer and i love women a lot beyond the norm what is the solution for that? ... View Answer

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