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The cause of pray not accepted

What is the cause of when I ask solution for my needs there will not be an answer Instead of my effort of worshiping and humbleness toward God the exalted one?

In the name of god the merciful the compassionate

God the exalted one says: (…And ask God of his bounty. Indeed Allah is ever, of all things, knowing.)

He has told us after he has distributed the sustenance between his creatures, to demand him by his bounty not from his fairness even if he has made the cause of increasing it sometime by piety, (and whoever fears Allah –he will make for him a way out. and will provide him from where he does not expect.) or sometime by pray and asking by his bounty and generosity and his unfinished  blessing. As god has said that he is the real owner of the kingdom of the earth and the heavens he is the real owner of everything ask him he will answer you, because he is all knowing and has everything.  It like a doctor maybe the patient ask him something that the doctor knows it is not good for him instead the doctor gives a bitter medicine that medicine is better for him, that’s why when you ask another one rather than god that one has nothing to give you, at least if he has he will give you what he does not know is it useful for you or not. Beside that pray has his own model and hierarchy if you do not follow that it will not be accepted. If you want to know that rules read the book (eedatu daee) by ibn fahd al hilli.       

Date: [2016/1/25]     Seen: [1209]

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