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Polytheism (As shirk)

Hello sir is it a polytheism (shirk) when one makes dua supplication of God by naming the Imams in it in order to solve his problem?

In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

God the exalted one says in the holy Quran seek intermediary to him, naming the names of Ahlu-Bayt as it has been narrated in the holy revelation sunny and Shia it is not a shirk (polytheism) contrary it is part of theism God has told us to do it. I have revealed that in my scriptures such as (Asshiham fee nahr takfeeriyeen) and (alwahabiya bayna almutatariqa wa sindana) you can see this in the site. 

Date: [2016/2/5]     Seen: [1068]

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