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Is the game of domino's prohibited for children?

Is the game of domino's prohibited for children?


Is the game of domino's prohibited for children?

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful


There are no obligations on the child during the young years of his age, according to the saying: to gain knowledge at a young can be compared to carving on a stone, therefore if the child gets used to solitaire and domino's at a young age he will also play these games for sure at an older age, and you as the father will become the partner with your son in committing that sin. Therefore , when your children reach the age of 10 years teach them how to pray, as it has been narrated in the holy traditions that the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his holy progeny (A) . There is no harm in the game of Domino's and other prohibitions unless the pupil has reached the age of obligation to become required to avoid the prohibited acts and apply the obligatory acts. Put Allah first in the disciplining of your children, and make sure that they receive an Islamic upbringing one that is based on humane and Islamic manners that is pure. Do not contaminate your kids with acts of disobedience and prohibited acts from a young age, May Allah assist you in this task.

Date: [2019/12/22]     Seen: [709]

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